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Bulls are weakened before they enter the ring

This is one of the common allegations that radical animal right groups often make against bullfighting and its promoters. The idea is of course to play into the common misconeption of the corrida being a fight between man and beast and an unfair one at that.


Bulls charge at the color red

Bulls are colour-blind. They react to movement. They react to movement. A fighting bull instinctively recognizes a jurisdiction within which it will attack everything that moves. This jurisdiction will contract and expand during the bull's performance in the ring; at times it can reach right across the width of the bullring, or be as close as a few centimetres away from his horns.   A bullfighter or torero will have to learn to judge the distance from which the bull will attack at any given moment during his performance.

Bulls are trained before the fight

Bulls enter the ring completely untested. Indeed, to train them or acquaint them with the movements of the matador would be counterproductive and very dangerous to the bullfighters as bulls do pick up on the visual ruse played on them after a while.

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