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Aficionados International is working on a database containing information about the thousands of yearly ferias and bullfighting events throughout the world.  While that work is on-going, below we have provided some basic information about the most important rings and their yearly ferias throughout the taurine world.  Click on the country icons below to navigate this page.






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The City of Madrid is home to two currently active bullrings, one of which is the most important bullring in the world.

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas

The Plaza de Toros Monumental de las Ventas, the cathedral of bullfighting, is home to the biggest taurine festival in the world, the "Feria de San Isidro" in May, and generally one of the most active bullrings on the planet, with weekly events throughout the season. The season at Las Ventas kicks off during March and lasts until mid-October. May and the first half of June see most of the activity, as the Feria de San Isidro, the Feria de la Comunidad, and the Arts and Culture are being held at that time, with the biggest names in the industry putting their reputation on the line in front of the extremely demanding Madrid audience. From June onwards, the ring will then host a series of more modest events, usually on Sundays. The crowds will be much smaller during most of these events as they generally feature bulls and matadors with less drawing power. Madrid finishes its season with the Feria de Otoño in October, which will again host big-time names and bull ranches. Tickets can be bought directly from the boxoffice at the ring, on-line, or through specialized web sites.

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Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas


Plaza de Toros Palacio Vistalegre

Madrid is also home to the covered bull ring of Palacio de Vistalegre. This ring features irregular events (often these events are so called "festivales" (informal corridas) or showcases for up and coming bullfighters from the bullfighting schools of Madrid and the surrounding regions. In 2010 and 2011 the ring played host to the Feria de Inverno, a series of two high caliber bullfights during the winter month of February; however, this feria was not held in the year of 2012, due to Spain being in the grip of one the most severe economic crises of its history.

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Palacio Vistalegre





While Madrid is regarded as the capital of bullfighting, for many observers the art form's heart lies in Seville's famed Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería. The season in Seville kicks of each year with the traditional Easter Sunday Corrida, a society event for which tickets may be hard to obtain. The card for that corrida usually features some of the biggest names in bullfighting. The city's season then goes into full swing with the legendary Feria de Abril, a festival well worth visiting not just for the bullfighting, but also for the typical fiesta events. The feria de toros is generally regarded as the second most important taurine festival in the world, consisting of about 12-15 consecutive events. During the (very hot) Seville summer, the ring hosts a series of Sunday novilladas, an opportunity for novice bullfighters to start making a name for themselves. The Seville season then finishes with the Feria de San Miguel, a series of 3-4 consecutive high profile corridas during late September.

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Perhaps the best known bullfighting event on the planet, Pamplona's bullfights are held during the popular San Fermín Festival. The Sanfermines are held each year from 6th to the 14th of July. The evening Corridas feature the same bulls that take part in the city's famed Running of the Bulls earlier that day. In Bullfighting terms the Feria del Toro, the bullfighting part of the San Fermines, is generally seen as a tough and demanding test for the circuit's top stars, as the promoters put a heavy emphasis on the physical presence of the animals, and often put on bulls from ranches known for tough and demanding bulls.


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